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About Us

WELLBEEING is a first-of-its-kind multi-specialty clinic and health-care centre, with a multipronged approach to health and wellness.We are Multispeciality Clinic which can provide different services To The people. Here, a team of experts use original, team-based models and curative strategies that provide focused care on an individual’s health, lifestyle and personal goals. Well Beeing’s core health-care team works hand-in-hand with individuals to structure a custom-treatment plan, which means, the patient and the practitioners are equal allies in the healing process. Effectively, Well Beeing is the first ever one-stop-shop that meets every health-related need, for both preventive and curative solutions including non-invasive treatments and personalized programs. The emphasis is on offering a structured blend of eastern and western practices of evidence-based treatments, unique to each individual’s needs, in order that the cure is long-term, or even for life, if possible. For the first time ever, the approach to treatment is not just a plethora of incomprehensible lab tests and complex medical treatments that seem to arrest illnesses immediately, with little or no emphasis preventive measures. The goal at Well Beeing is to make health and wellness a habit, not merely by prescribing remedial medication but also by recommending simple lifestyle modifications and preventive measures that are derived from a seamless amalgamation of eastern ancient intelligence, and western modern research. This way, blatant dependency on external medication can possibly be eradicated. The aim is to achieve well-rounded health – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. What’s more, one need not look too far to avail all the prescribed medical and dietary remedies – they are offered at the in-house Medical Store and the Organic Health Provision Store. Well Beeing is a pioneer in this kind of wholesome, all-encompassing approach to medicine, better known as Integrative Medicine.


B G Roopa Lakshmi

Founder & MD

Experienced in branding & marketing, healthcare

R Mahender Singh


Experienced in operations – Hospitality and CRES

Dr. B G Hebbar


Experienced as Joint Director Health, Professor and Researcher in Health Insurance and wealth Management

Dr. Dayaprasad Kulkarni


A medical doctor, public health specialist, Fellow from the East West Centre, Hawaii, USA, Asia Pacific Leadership Program, founded DoctorsForSeva Arogya Foundation

Dr. Kaveri Kuttappa

Program Director

BAMS, PGDHHM Exp: Ex-AYUSH Govt Ayurvedic Physician

Dr Kannan Janikiraman

Director Operations

Healthcare professional with over 25 years of operational and management experience across the value chain within the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, contract research industry and hospitals.

Who are we?

As pioneers of Integrative Medicine, we endeavor to help achieve lasting holistic health and wellness through our integrated programs designed and tabled specifically for every individual. We particularly boast of permanently reversing Diabetes in our patients. Our centre houses these departments: Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Orthopedics, Ayurveda, Diabetology, Ophthalmology, Dentistry, Cardiology, Gynecology, Pulmonology, ENT, Dermatology, Podiatry, Urology and Gastroenterology. An array of wellness treatments is offered too, by integrating them suitably, in order to complement the medical services and to achieve higher efficacy in diagnosis and cure. Every program is scientifically designed and is evidence-based. Wellness treatments include Diet and Nutrition, Acupuncture, Yoga Therapy, Zumba and Fitness Therary, Crystal Therapy, Pranic Healing, Reiki, Physiotherapy and Psychiatric Counselling. We, like our forefathers, who were a treasure trove of knowledge and spiritual awareness, believe in annihilating the ailment at its root and from all possible sources it may have penetrated: physically and emotionally, physiologically and psychologically, spiritually and mentally.

What do we do?

We believe, good health is based on science, constant investigation and exploration. So, our efforts adhere to the principles of integrative medicine – to always objectively view conventional medicine and alternate therapies and to use them suitably to heal an ailment. A single medical disciplinary does not always offer a wholesome cure to an ailment. It’s often the right amalgamation of two or more medical practices that help the healing process. All our treatment procedures consider every factor that influences health and wellness – body, mind, spirit, community and personal goals. We partner with our patients, make them the centre of the process and offer the most appropriate treatment program. In the process, we inculcate the preventive measures and promote good health amongst our patients. We strive to treat disorders in order to reverse them or to permanently cure them. Therefore, the multifarious ways of examining an illness. A serpentine prescription of medicines from a certain medical discipline alone, administered repeatedly over a period of six months could be aggravating a certain ailment. Meanwhile, performing only Yogasanas, for instance, to address spondylitis, mindless of it’s impact on the body type and diet can have adverse effects on the central nervous system. Also, medication and treatment prescribed to one individual are not necessarily applicable to another individual with a similar condition. So, an individual with a tennis elbow might compulsorily need physiotherapy alongside oral medication, while another may be advised to simply resort to acupuncture and a specific exercise regime. Similarly, a few individuals with lower back aches can get rid of their ailment through Yoga Therapy alone, while others may need an advanced three-month Orthopedic program. Our experts at Well-Beeing conduct an in-depth study and counsel patients as per their unique requirements, so they can suitably prepare for their holistic treatments. Our end goal is to achieve wholesome health through the effectiveness of integrative medicine.

Why should you choose us?

Why should you choose Well Beeing or why should you choose to save the bee? The answer to both these questions is almost the same – for life to flourish in all its vitality. We, like our mascot, the bee, believe we are the fulcrum of health and wellness in today’s excruciatingly demanding lifestyle. Consider this – according to a BBC study, if bees, the critical pollinators became extinct, crops worth $30 billion a year would be destroyed. All plants that bees pollinate and the animals that eat the plants may be lost too. Subsequently, a world without bees could struggle to sustain the global human population. Now, consider a world that looked at health with blinders on, that was infatuated by fads and raced mindlessly towards instant remedies rather than adopting readily available preventive measures. It’s during this time and age than ever before that this generation than any other, needs to look at all sides of the health and wellness spectrum. Food, water, air, soil, our lifestyle and jobs are loaded with stress-inducers. It’s almost as if the mind, body and soul tirelessly battle an influx of health terrorists day in and out. We, at Well Beeing care to equip you to combat such terrorists and help make your mind, body and soul your favourite place to live in.

Our Mission

WellBeeing’s expert team aims to positively impact health and wellness seekers by educating them to experience the latest developments in medical technology alongside the holistic benefits of integrated medicine.

Our Vission

To create a global brand that is synonymous with health & wellness in every household impacting the mind, body and spirit of an individual, family and community at large.

  • Consistent quality services
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Help identify your need
  • Provide an experience and create aspiration in Every customer

Our Doctors


DR. Rama Mishra

Physian & consultant Diabetologist


Dr. Sephali Ghimire



DR. Kaveri Kuttappa

Program Director and Integrative Medicine