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Why Corporate Wellness is important for modern day professionals?

Posted by : admin // On : 05 February,2018 Tags:corporate fitness,,corporate wellness

First three months of Anjan’s startup saw immense growth. Six months later, productivity hit a low. For some untraceable reason, his skilled employees were not delivering enough.

Worried and clueless Anjan introspected employees’ performance and noticed they were mentally drained and physically exhausted. To get them back in track Anjan introduced the “Corporate Wellness Program” and reclaimed a rejuvenated workforce.

How did the magic happen? Was the corporate wellness program a fluke or a calculated step? Stay with us to know the new wellness phenomenon inside and out.

What is Corporate Wellness?

To put in simple narrative, “Corporate Wellness Program” nurture wellness in workers and keeps them physically and psychologically motivated to cope with daily professional challenges.


Why Corporate Wellness?

The breakneck competition, the overgrowing market need and the inhuman pressure to perform are the mammoth challenges for today’s workers. A well thought out Corporate Wellness program brings a much-needed balance.

Below are the benefits of Corporate Wellness Program-

1. Escape from Lifestyle Diseases-

Most of the professionals suffer from diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer and obesity. Long-term lifestyle deviations welcome these “Lifestyle Diseases”. The report says, “Lifestyle diseases” account for the deaths of 38 million people each year.

What causes “ Lifestyle Diseases”?

• Unhealthy and untimely diet.
• Lack of physical activities.
• Stress and anxiety.
• Sleep deprivation
• Smoking & Alcoholism



Stuffed with work pressure, employees often fail to follow health regimes.  A well strategized corporate wellness helps to-

• Identify the unhealthy employees and their individual suffering
• The root of their poor health
• Introduces medication and consultation