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Wellbeeing introduces WE Step-in, a Student Wellness Program

Posted by : admin // On : 05 February,2018 Tags:school fitness progr,school program

Student life is hectic.

Constant pressure to master the art of survival and win in a competitive world beyond classroom often makes the young minds exhausted.

In the middle of all the hustle somewhere, student’s healthcare gets less priority. They seldom get the chance for outdoor games or physical activities and often fail to follow a timely and nutritious diet.

It accounts for the rise of adult disorders in youth, like high blood pressuretype 2 diabeteshigh cholesterolthyroid and osteoporosisamong Indian children and adolescents aged between 5-19 years.

Can we turn around the figures? Who will take the responsibility of a kid’s health? Will the school be a monitor or the liability lies to the parents? To answer all the questions, Wellbeeing has come up with “WE Step-in”, an inclusive wellness program architected  for the young students.

Why “WE Step-in” ?

WE Step-in is not just an ordinary PT class or a health camp in the middle of a summer vacation. It goes beyond that. Integrating all the aspects of a healthy life, WE Step-in teaches the hacks to take control of their own health. It is Wellbeeing Endeavor to Stay-fit & Healthy Through Effective Program for Institutes.

Below are the foundations of Wellbeeing WE Step-in.

Comprehensive health education program:– Wellbeeing is known for its integrative treatment aimed for prevention and wellness from the core. Student wellness program “WE Step-in” has been modeled on same philosophy.

In the course of the program, the students will learn the simple, effective habits to lead a healthy life. The program will concentrate on- Health, Diet, Wellness and Fitness of young students.

Wellbeeing We-Step-In

The wellness program also encourages parents and teachers to participate for a comprehensive result.

From kindergarten to high schools, the “WE Step-in” project aims to be an important part of the curriculum in students’ academic career.