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Why you will go for Integrative Medicine in modern time?

Posted by : admin // On : 05 February,2018 Tags:Integrative Medicine, Noncommunicable Dis

No fuss, No Confusion- Integrative Medicine is the most modern treatment that we have now.  Why such boast of? What makes us claim so? To seek the answer we need to understand the “Integrative Medicine” inside and out.

What makes Integrative Medicine relevant in the modern world?

To be precise- The sudden emergence of the “Lifestyle Disease/NCD aka Noncommunicable Disease”. Question is- What is “Lifestyle/NCD Disease”?

Here is a comprehensive chart giving all the information on menacing lifestyle diseases which you need to know right now. Integrative Medicine

What “Lifestyle Diseases” can do? 

Have a look at the WHO report– Noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) kill 38 million people each year. Here is a breakdown of their collective onslaught-

Integrative Medicine NCD result

(Data Figure- In million)

These 4 groups of diseases account for 82% of all NCD deaths. Are you at risk of NCD disease?

There are high chances of being suffered by the NCD disease if you have picked up any of these-

  • Tobacco use
  • Physical inactivity
  • The harmful use of alcohol
  • Unhealthy diets

Beware now as WHO also listed Ageing, Rapid Unplanned Urbanization, and The Globalization of Unhealthy Lifestyles as the core reason of NCD diseases causing-

  • Raised Blood Pressure
  • Increased Blood Glucose
  • Elevated Blood Lipids
  • Obesity

In order to find the catalyst of such worldwide mayhem WHO published a spine-chilling report of NCD aftermath