Risk of Diabetes: Our Lifestyle

Food alone cannot battle with diabetes if it’s not complemented by your healthy lifestyle. Do not panic. You are not asked to live a priest life. Then what exactly you need to do? Find the clues here-
Don’t love your seat too much:
We will serve you with a rigorous exercise schedule. What about some basic tips? Do not sit for a long time.
Be it in work or idle hours in home, always try not to confine yourself more in sitting.
As per studies, chances of types 2 diabetes get hiked by 22% with long session of sitting. Another one reports, “Every extra hour sitting down can raise your risk of type 2 diabetes by a fifth.”
If you don’t want to be caught by the diabetes, bring out some time to take a two-minute stroll in the middle of your busy hours.
Beware of your Cardiovascular Disease:
Now, things get scary here. The direct connection between diabetes and heart diseases have been proved. It also says that adults with diabetes are two to four times more likely to have heart disease or a stroke than adults without diabetes.There are some reasons behind the connection. They are-
a) High Blood Pressure– One of the biggest reason behind the CVD disease of the diabetic patients is high blood pressure.
The risk of heart attack doubles when patients have both high blood pressure and the diabetes.
b) Obesity- Obesity is strongly associated with the insulin resistance. Losing weight can reduce cardiovascular risk, decrease insulin concentration and increase insulin sensitivity.
Are you a victim of obesity? Shed your weight right now before the diabetes makes you a prey.
c) Lack of Physical Activity- Daily exercise is must to prevent diabetes. A Finnish study shows who exercised minimum up to 4 hours a week, or about 35 minutes a day—dropped their risk of diabetes by 80%. Tons of reports suggest same.
How can exercise prevent you from diabetes?
Exercise helps the body to utilize the hormone insulin more efficiently by increasing the number of insulin receptors on your cells. Insulin helps blood sugar move into cells, where it needs to go to provide energy and nutrition.
Do Yoga: Among its multiple magical power yoga can prevent diabetes or help to better the condition. In a study from India, 123 people with diabetes who took yoga classes lost a few pounds and kept their glucose levels steady.
How is this possible?
In its simplest form, yoga stimulates the organs and improves the metabolic activities. While, in diabetes, the patients suffer due to lack of insulin production by the pancreas. This made Yoga ideal for diabetes. There are some special asanas which are highly beneficial for those who are diabetic.
Don’t sacrifice your sleep: Yes, you read it right. Daily sound sleep can prevent diabetes. A Yale University Study has shown that those who miss their six hours of sleep are subjected to diabetes. The study was done over 1,709 men.