To Prevent Diabetes- Sleep and Emotions Matter

In our previous blogs on Prevention of Diabetes, we have stressed on “Food” and “Lifestyle“. But, will that be enough to prevent diabetes? Keep an eye on your “Sleep” and “Emotions” for a better result.

Don’t sacrifice your sleep: Yes, you read it right. Daily sound sleep can prevent diabetes.

sleeping-kitties-29__605A Yale University Study has shown that those who miss their six hours of sleep are subjected to diabetes. The study was done over 1,709 men.

Moreover, people who don’t get enough sleep often have higher levels of chronic inflammation and insulin resistance. Lack of sleep also can increase production of cortisol (the body’s primary stress hormone), impair memory and reflex time, elevate blood sugar, and increase appetite.

That’s so alarming. Right? Doctors opine that little sleep affects the nervous system which further interferes with hormones that regulate blood sugar.

For a sound sleep, one must avoid caffeine after noon, skip late night TV and follow a healthy life. Collectively, they can skip your chances of diabetes.


Keep an eye on your emotion: Researchers studied 180 patients with depression and type 2 diabetes who received treatment for both and took part in a program on adhering to medication regimens.

After 12 weeks, 61 percent of patients had better blood sugar tests, and nearly the same number had fewer depression symptoms.beautiful-baby-smile-wallpapers

As per the study, there is a link between high levels of Glutamate and poor glucose control. Glutamate gets hiked in some areas of brain which were associated with both higher-level thinking and regulation of emotions.

Victory against type 2 diabetes does not come within a blink of an eye. You need patience and a healthy regime. Same goes for the routine for the diabetes prevention.

Integrative Medicine focuses on “Prevention” to battle with diseases. Going to the core of the disease, they identify the root of the disease for wellness. Know more about the diabetes prevention here.




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