How Wellbeeing conducts Corporate Wellness Program?

Corporate Wellness Program guides modern day employees to enjoy a healthy professional life. Stressed and unhealthy employees pose a persistent challenge to an organisation’s growth. With a well thought out plan and implementation, the Corporate Wellness Program is a silver lining for the management. It helps the employees to live a balanced and productive life in a competitive world.

In our last blog, we discussed the major breakthroughs ushered in by a corporate wellness program in a life of an employee and an organisation’s Eco-system.

Here in this blog, we will discuss how Wellbeeing brings a change in a corporate environment. Wellbeeing, the hub of integrated medical service aims for a preventive measure and includes diagnosis, consultation and workshops beside regular medication for holistic wellness.

The corporate wellness program celebrates all of Wellbeeing’s philosophy and work towards detection, prevention and complete wellness from the core.

Below are the modus-operandi of Wellbeeing’s Corporate Wellness Program-

1. Challenging the Staus-Quo-

Wellbeeing challenges general approach of treatment-

• It never aims for speedy recovery.
• Service is centered around individualistic treatment.

A growth-driven organisation needs potential and consistent performers. But, when they are stressed, a careful recovery plan is required.

An approach of making them work ready without detecting the root of physical or psychological disruption can break them from the core. Wellbeeing Corporate Wellness program figures out the root of the disorders first. Medication comes next as part of offering holistic wellness.  To achieve that Wellbeeing has introduced-

• Thorough diagnosis and detection program
• Integration of different school of medication.

Roopa Mahender, the architect of the Wellbeeing’s Corporate Wellness Program gives an insight of the organisation’s philosophy- “Our Employee wellness initiative is to challenge the organizations to think differently about wellness and what it means to them” . 

2. Right Information:-

Besides every fatal disease, modern employees are the victims of “ cyberchondria” viz a growing concern among many healthcare practitioners as patients can now research any and all symptoms of a rare disease, illness or condition, and manifest a state of medical anxiety.

On top of that, cold professional relationship between doctors and patients make the situation more serious and confusing. Without getting adequate information of ailments, patients look forward to internet or other available platform for more information. At the end of the day they deteriorate their mental health with heavy dose of anxiety, a symptom of Cyberchondria.

Wellbeeing corporate wellness program is free from such worries because-

• Treatment is patient-centric
• Every information on disease and progress are shared with patients
• Doctors, trainers, consultants arrange individual session to know patient’s progress at every stage
• Different workshops and awareness program make employees knowledgeable

“Initiatives that are more engaging with right information by experts and authorities is ideal”, Roopa Mahender shares her vision on the matter.

3. Introducing Fun:-

Modern day employees are often get exhausted by massive work pressure. Wellbeeing has therefore included multiple activities to revive their enthusiasm and add fun into their monotonous life.

Every activities have their own reason to get a place in “Corporate Wellness Program”.

For example- “Theatre at Workplace” engages workers in creative workshops beyond their daily schedule. “Support Buddy Program” holds awareness session with the employees to understand their health and psychological issues in a better way and eventually lead them towards a better professional life.

Commenting on the initiative, Roopa Mahender says,“There are various fun ways of engaging the employees and yet create health and wellness value in these sessions”.

Wellbeeing Corporate Wellness Program is an effective solution for the workplace suffering by the less productivity from the skilled but exhausted employees. Integrated service from the Wellbeeing is the biggest backbone to identify and recover the health issues of an organisation.

Wellbeeing’s motto to teach the art of prevention will be instrumental for any organisation to have a healthy workforce.

Are you in favor of introducing Wellbeeing Corporate Wellness Program? Share your view with us. Below graphic will give you an inside view of the Wellbeeing Corporate Wellness Program.Corporate-wellness-infographic

Image Courtesy- Pixabay