Why Corporate Wellness is important for modern day professionals?

First three months of Anjan’s startup saw immense growth. Six months later, productivity hit a low. For some untraceable reason, his skilled employees were not delivering enough.

Worried and clueless Anjan introspected employees’ performance and noticed they were mentally drained and physically exhausted. To get them back in track Anjan introduced the “Corporate Wellness Program” and reclaimed a rejuvenated workforce.

How did the magic happen? Was the corporate wellness program a fluke or a calculated step? Stay with us to know the new wellness phenomenon inside and out.

What is Corporate Wellness?

To put in simple narrative, “Corporate Wellness Program” nurture wellness in workers and keeps them physically and psychologically motivated to cope with daily professional challenges.


Why Corporate Wellness?

The breakneck competition, the overgrowing market need and the inhuman pressure to perform are the mammoth challenges for today’s workers. A well thought out Corporate Wellness program brings a much-needed balance.

Below are the benefits of Corporate Wellness Program-

1. Escape from Lifestyle Diseases-

Most of the professionals suffer from diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer and obesity. Long-term lifestyle deviations welcome these “Lifestyle Diseases”. The report says, “Lifestyle diseases” account for the deaths of 38 million people each year.

What causes “ Lifestyle Diseases”?

• Unhealthy and untimely diet.
• Lack of physical activities.
• Stress and anxiety.
• Sleep deprivation
• Smoking & Alcoholism



Stuffed with work pressure, employees often fail to follow health regimes.  A well strategized corporate wellness helps to-

• Identify the unhealthy employees and their individual suffering
• The root of their poor health
• Introduces medication and consultation

Words from Expert:-

Dr. Rama Mishra, Consultant Diabetologist at WELLBEEING, a lifestyle health center in North Bangalore, prioritizes on prevention of diseases.

“The only way to prevent these disorders is with steps to halt progression. Prevention is better than cure”, said he.

2. Aware workers:-

Hectic work life disrupts daily lifestyle. Each professional success welcomes more responsibility and healthy habits take a back seat.

Multiple wellness workshops aware the employees about their health issues and ensures complete recovery. Awareness is a key safeguard to lead a healthy professional life.


Words from Expert:-

Complete commitment from the workers on the wellness program stimulates better awareness. In the words of Dr. Rama Mishra, Consultant Diabetologist at WELLBEEING, “When our habits take years to make us what we are, we cannot expect behavior to change overnight. However it becomes possible when a person is able to commit mentally, emotionally and physically, progress is possible.”

3. Employees gather Knowledge:-

Constant awareness of the Corporate Wellness Program makes the workers knowledgeable. They come to understand their health requirements better. Organisation values healthy and fit employees for better performances. In result, a better work environment sustains in the workplace.

Most of the corporate workers suffer from chronic diseases and unhealthy habits- Obesity, aggression, restlessness, anxiety, depression, etc & Self-medication, eating out, inferior quality of food intake, adulteration of food.

Corporate Wellness Program helps the employees to stay informed and take required precaution at the early stage of their illness.


To sum up, the Corporate Wellness Program works with a holistic approach and goes beyond mere identification of ailments and medication in the office complex.

Words from Expert:-

Dr. Hebbar, Director at WELLBEEING regrets for not having adequate knowledge on health and wellness, “Unfortunately, education on health and wellness as a way of life is more often missing in the present education curriculum. Due to this ignorance, even the adults (parents and teachers) are unable to guide the younger generation on right lifestyle habits (food and fitness)”.

4. Deliberate participation from Employees :-

No one likes to visit a doctor. Situation crops up and people have to deal with pills and rigorous routines.

Revitalizing the workers is a core program of the Corporate Wellness initiatives. Here, the workers take participation in fun activities beyond regular medication formalities. Better engagement ratio helps the workers to know their health issues better and lead towards a stress-free productive professional life.

awareness workshop

Words from Expert:-

Sharing her words on engagement, Roopa Mahender, founder, and Managing Director of Wellbeeing, says, “This can be influenced by constantly influencing the mind and create awareness, and engaging the individuals through lifestyle modification programs”.

5. Growth of an Organisation :-

A well implemented Corporate Wellness program contributes towards organization’s holistic betterment. Introducing the physical activity, health awareness workshops, the wellness program regains the lost workforce of the organization.


Patience has a role to play here.Influencing an individual’s behavioral modification takes time and is different from person to person. Steady commitment, consistent participation are instrumental to inclusive corporate wellness.

Words from Expert:-

Mr. Mahender Singh, Director, and CEO, Wellbeeing elaborates the importance of patience and organization’s support. “ The success of corporate wellness is driven with a focus on short and long-term goals for the employee and the employer. Corporate wellness needs support, leadership, commitment from the management, employees and service providers like us”, underlined he.

A healthy employee is an asset to the organization. Corporate Wellness Program incorporates an integrated wellness system that takes care of the employees across hierarchies providing a healthy workplace.

Are you in favor of the “Corporate Wellness Program”? Do you think corporate wellness initiatives can make an organisation productive? Share your views with us.

Image Courtesy- Flickr, Pixaby, wikimedia