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Education:BHMS, MBHS in Homoeopathy as well as a Reiki Teachers Masters degree.

Qualification:Having got her first attunement for REIKI I in March 1997 Dr Chandra steadily proceeded to get the subsequent attunements in REIKI Viz. REIKI II, REIKI III plus Advanced Reiki Training enabling her to treat various and numerous cases through Reiki, REIKI IV . She conducts classes to attune REIKI I and REIKI II students and REIKI V.

Experience: Since completing her Homoeopathic course she had been practicing independently for 20 years as has received guidance from leading veteran homoeopaths of Bangalore.

Achievements/Activities:Dr.Chandra is an experienced Reiki and Homoeopathic healer having successfully treated a variety of ailments both acute and chronic imparting cure to the old and young.

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