Elder's Health

Multi-speciality &
Integrated Health Center

India’s aging population is increasing and it is estimated that there are over 300 million elderly people in the country. Though aging is not an ‘illness’, degenerative ailments are part of aging with changes and disabilities arising from such conditions. They will not only experience physical changes but also emotional and cognitive changes. Elders’ Café caters to the needs of the elderly by helping them to cope and manage these challenges.

Elders Cafe’s offerings:

  • An assessment by a geriatrician on the physical, medical, psychological and emotional aspects of elderly people and identifies the gaps for them in being healthy in respect of their mind, body and spirit.
  • Identifies the elders’ interests and formulates an integrated program to improve the cognitive stimulation of their thinking, memory and other qualitative dimensions of their life.
  • To provide them with the necessary services and review them periodically based on feedback.

Membership includes:

Weekly workshops / sessions on health and wellness topics that are of interest to elders: Counseling – health counseling, General counseling (on emotional issues), Selective massage therapies, Events such as mediation, pranayama, cognitive games, etc.

Members of Elders’ Café are eligible for discounts on health packages.