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Dr.Kaveri Kuttappa

Education: BAMS, PGDHHM

Qualification:Excellent communication skills, an exemplary and in-depth knowledge in both – administrative and clinical aspects, skilled application of Ayurveda are few of Dr. Kaveri’s specialties which enables a different treatment experience to her patients.

Experience:Several years of experience in the field of Ayurvedic Medicine, with over 15 years of commendable service as Medical Officer, with the State Government of Karnataka, Department of AYUSH.

Achievements/Activities:She voluntarily retired the post of Medical Officer with a sole objective of pursuing and promoting what she practices best with a passion – to spread the Science of Ayurveda “THE SCIENCE OF LIFE” as she strongly believes that there is no Substitute for Healthy Living. With an unswerving commitment in her field, she is considered as a medium for Ayurveda reaching and preaching to the World about the benefits of Ayurveda as a “way of life” rather than a cure.

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