LifeStyle Modification

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Lifestyle modification involves altering long-term habits, typically of eating & physical activity, precisely food & regime and maintaining the new behavior as a habit forever. One of the best aspects of healthcare reform is it starts to emphasize on PREVENTION.


The environment today has drastically changed and reflects unhealthy Dietary Habits & Sedentary Lifestyles leading to LIFESTYLE DISORDERS. The World Health Organization and The UN say that more than 70% of diseases today are caused by lifestyle factors, and NON-COMMUNICABLE DISEASES (NCD) are a leading cause of mortality worldwide.

How To Prevent Lifestyle Disorders?

As the challenges to maintaining healthy behavior over a long term, MOTIVATION is the dynamic entity which needs continuous attention to put a DIET , PHYSICAL ACTIVITY & STRESS MANAGEMENT in place to achieve the goal in a holistic approach.


  • Make slow gradual changes in habit
  • Create a new vision of you
  • Set Achievable goals that you can maintain
  • Get support ex: team work in exercise /yoga
  • Change starts in Your BRAIN not in a GYM!
  • Have Good Relationships
  • Get 6 to 8 hours of sleep


  • Moderation is the key while you enjoy your food, as food is a source of great pleasure
  • Fill up colorful fruits & vegetables in your diet along with healthy carbs & whole grains
  • Increase protein, vitamins and minerals
  • Shift from saturated fats to unsaturated fats
  • Limit Sugar & Salt and refined foods
  • Keep fit & get moving, a 30-minute exercise is a must
  • Eat seasonal, avoid genetically modified & hybrid foods…Go ORGANIC
  • Drink water it flushes your system of toxins
  • Not just what you eat, but how you eat supports a healthy lifestyle ex: No watching TV/ Driving? Working while eating. This is a stress on your digestive system
  • Never skip breakfast.
  • Chew your food properly as the process of digestion begins in your mouth.
  • EAT early, eat smart, eat slow, eat often, eat small
  • Include Antioxidants in your diet apart from carbohydrate, fats & protein in reasonable amounts. Antioxidants (vitamin C&E, Minerals & Flavonoids) protect the body from damage caused by free radicals which is formed as a part of metabolism.
  • Improve access to healthy food eg: choice architecture where healthy foods are placed in easy access than unhealthy fast foods.
  • FOOD SWAP is a healthy alternative to eat right, ex: swap mayonnaise for flavoured curd, French fries for baked potatoes, ice cream for frozen fruit pulp, full cream for skimmed milk.
  • Ayurveda an ancient science of life & longevity places importance on DIET & REGIME. A typical healthy meal should ideally comprise of 6 tastes (SHAD RASAS) or else metabolism is imbalanced and this results in lifestyle disorders.

For this very reason, cornflakes cannot be a complete breakfast. Ayurveda advises to stop eating before you feel full.

The core element of a Lifestyle modification Diet would be to keep metabolism in a balance, if metabolism is imbalanced due to wrong diet or inactivity the end products or metabolism is impaired resulting in lifestyle disorders.