Pain Management Clinic North Bangalore, be it a migraine or headache, Back pain, Arthritis,Thyroid,an occasional pain, or a pain lasting for long periods that is unbearable to experience;, any of these can alter an individual’s life affecting their daily life activities negatively. Their dependency on other people could the complicate situation and they could feel a burden. The conventional treatment for any pain is ‘pain relief’ through medication such as ‘anti-inflammatory’ drug.

At WELLBEEING, our objective is to reduce suffering and provide relief through ‘Integrated Pain Management’. Our pain management clinic North Bangalore utilizes modern techniques in evaluating and treating acute and chronic pain. Through keen listening, screening and pain score evaluation, our trained clinicians and physicians will get all the necessary details from the patient and create a treatment plan that will meet the patient’s needs and manage the pain.
We adapt a comprehensive program that involves the alleviation of medication and avoiding a high dosage of pain killers by substituting them with alternate techniques such as acupuncture, acupressure, physiotherapy, massage therapy, etc. These techniques are aimed at effectively managing different pains and restoring the patient’s quality of life. We specialize in treating different types of pain and anyone who feels as though pain is interfering with their daily life activities is welcome to come for a checkup and treatment.

You can count on WELLBEEING’ S Pain Management Clinic for:
> Backache
> Arthritis
> Joint Pain
> Migraine
> Thyroid


Back pain could be lower back or upper back. Lower back often causes hip, groin pain, spasms and even leg numbness. Upper back or neck pain are often associated with headaches and may even cause arm pain or numbness in the finger tips. Back pain can appear gradually over the years due to postural problems or suddenly after an accident, or from various causes.
Pain should not be d unattended long term due to the risk of degeneration and or could ven get worse. Back pain needs to be assessed and addressed with the required and appropriate treatments.

At WELLBEEING, we help you depending on your symptoms and duration of pain after initial screening. There is no “single therapy” approach for pain management or backache; and what works for one person may not work for another person with the same disease, gender, pain severity or age.
Wellbeeing has a combination of services to alleviate Back Pain at its Integrative clinic. A detailed assessment would be done to screen the cause and an exhaustive health history is drawn up to pinpoint the main causes of the pain. Once the origin of the back pain is determined, it is easy to find natural solutions that are effective. The pain management may include oral medication, IM or IV, therapy yoga, therapeutic back massages, acupuncture, and acupressure or Physiotherapy. Ayurvedic therapies are also considered selectively as they are safe & effective. Our doctors at our Integrative Clinic work together to recommend the right treatment that best suits you.