Integrative Medicine

WELLBEEING, as a multi-speciality clinic has eminent doctors of all specialization including an in-house Family physician and Nature-cure Specialists. Other specialists include Diabetologist, Orthopedician, Gynecologist, Dermatologist, ENT, and various alternative therapists.

The team works together to create a fusion of appropriate diagnosis, intervention and treatment process, with an objective of reducing the complications and side effects of long-term medications. This amalgamation of all medical specialties and professional disciplines and its use not only improves care for patients, it also enhances the cost-effectiveness of health care delivery for people. The goal is to reduce the long-term dependency on medications with preventive health care and lifestyle modifications.

Integrated Clinic

Wellbeeing Integrated Clinic keeps focus on wellness and health rather than treating by the symptoms.

Life Style Modification Program

Our multi-disciplinary team hand holds the patient to make gradual changes in their lifestyle through various lifestyle modification programs.

Weight Loss Management

The programs addresses the root cause and enables weight loss through programs that suits your body.

Preventive & Diabetes Reversal Program(DRP)

Reduce the risk of diabetes with Wellbeeing.

Managing Stress

Say goodbye to stress and uproot the reasons with us.

Detox Therapies

A bio purification program to detoxify your body from the molecular level.


Pain Management Program

Get relief from your pain with Wellbeeing’s individualistic Pain Management Program.

Elders′ Health Care

A special program to help the senior citizens to cope and manage the challenges of aging.

Respiratory Problems

Take complete control of your respiratory sufferings and reduce dependency on medicine.

Gynecological problems

Shed your gynecological worries with Wellbeeing.


We will keep an eye on your lipid level in blood.

Thyroid Management

A complete guide to keep your thyroid at check with an aim to reduce your dependency on long-term medication.

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