Programs for Schools and Colleges

Programs for Schools and Colleges

Driven by the passion for complete wellness, Wellbeeing promises wellness of the mind, body and spirit. To realize the goal, Wellbeeing introduces Health Programs for School and College. Our holistic health program ties up the education system with wellness activities. The program integrated from “Diet Program” to “Fitness Workshops”  will ensure a proactive lifestyle and healthy habits at the very early stages of life. Imbibing Healthy lifestyle patterns in childhood and adolescence promote optimal childhood and youth health, growth, and intellectual development. Provide a healthy childhood and adolescent to with Wellbeeing Health Programs for School and Colleges.


Wellbeeing’s Stay fit & Healthy Education Program for Institutes. The program work provides-

  • Preventive health
  • General check
  • Oral / Dental check
  • Blood group & Rh factor
  • Access to Ayurveda immunization monthly

Wellbeeing Health Program conducts multiple workshops to raise awareness and integrate healthy habits.

  • Workshops conducted by Physician on hygiene.
  • Workshops on health issues.
  • Workshops on First Aid.

Wellbeeing organizes Health Fests to educate young minds on health with interactive and fun programs.

Wellbeeing School Health Program educates young minds on the utility of a healthy diet from an early age. The educative session provides multiple workshops to provide lesson on-

  • Guidelines on good diet to
  • Good food vs bad food
  • Eating habits
  • Fun with food
  • Consultation
  • Dietician

Wellbeeing Fitness Program incorporates fitness session for each age groups. From traditional Yoga to advanced Mixed Martial Arts and different fitness dance sessions comprise Wellbeeing Fitness Program.


  • Yoga
  • Free Style
  • Ballet
  • Zumba

2. Teenage

  • MMA
  • Yoga
  • Hip Hop
  • Contemporary
  • Free Style
  • Self Defense


Wellbeeing School Health Program offer Wellness program to remain happy, healthy and active in academic and growing stages of life. The Wellness program takes complete care of the body, mind, and soul of the youngsters and helps them to grow a healthy lifestyle.

Different workshops are conducted on the basis of the class / age of students. The Workshops are held on-

  • Health & hygiene
  • Your emotional buddy
  • Oral care
  • Early signs of health challenges
  • First-aid training to staff
  • CPR (training kids on saving lives)
  • Fun with food
  • Know your kids’ mind (DMIT)
  • Open forum counseling

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