Wellbeeing Franchise

Comprehensive Franchisor Support

Wellbeeing (The franchisor) will provide comprehensive guidance and support to its franchisees, right from day one to throughout their agreement, based on the following parameters:

  • Set Up: The franchisor would offer inputs in centre’s design and provide guidelines regarding site selection, architecture, and layout.
  • Training: The franchisor would provide comprehensive training programs to the franchisee on service operations, therapies, treatments, etc.
  • Equipment: The franchisor will provide an operations manual to maintain uniformity and run the franchised set up as per company guidelines.
  • Advertising & Promotions: The franchisor will organize events specific to marketing/branding for Wellbeeing at the regional/national level. This will include participation in the related sponsoring events, tie-ups with magazine/newspapers etc. and much more in collaboration with franchisees to promote its each franchisee outlet.

An Integrated Clinic and Healthcare Centre

Wellbeeing is an integrated clinic and healthcare centre in Bangalore that provides consultation, treatment and lifestyle modification solutions under a single roof. A unit of Auzaria Wellness Pvt. Ltd., Wellbeeing caters to the need of holistic care and integrated medical treatments in modern life.

Integrated Wellness Program

Wellbeeing offers the promise of integrated wellness and has created wellness programs to heal an illness from roots. The program is a fusion of diagnosis, intervention and treatment processes from eastern and western medicine to reduce complications and side effects of long-term medications.

The perfect blend of various medical sspecialties promise holistic wellness for patients and also enhances the cost effectiveness of healthcare delivery. Wellbeeing focuses on holistic health and wellness instead of treating symptoms of a disease and offers the following integrated wellness programs.

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Multi-Speciality Clinic & Center for Alternative Treatments

At Wellbeeing, the promise of holistic wellness is fulfilled through an array of medical services, aimed at improving physical and mental well-being. The brand’s integrated clinic works on the philosophy of blending modern medical science with the benefits of alternative therapies and traditional healing treatments to ensure holistic wellness.

The integrated clinic offers consultation services of gynecologist, pulmonologist, psychiatry, nutritionist, orthopaedician, pathologist, physician, radiologist, psychotherapist, counselor and other medical specialists under a single roof.

The clinic makes use of the healing powers of traditional medicinal systems and alternative medicine along with the western system of medicine to heal and treat various diseases and lifestyle ailments. At Wellbeeing one can take benefits of the following therapies derived from various alternative medicinal systems.

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Effective Solution for Everyone

Wellbeeing also offers effective fitness solutions in the form of fitness classes and dance programs. These solutions are focused on helping an individual adopt a healthy lifestyle through an enjoyable way and are conducted by experts at Wellbeeing centre. The brand also conducts fitness workshops and camps for kids at different times during the year focused on the development skills.

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Wellness Support Service

Wellbeeing offers a number of wellness support services to restore wellness, revitalize life and strike the right balance between physical and mental well-being. The holistic wellness services are meant to help an individual adopt a healthy lifestyle. The brand offers the following services promising holistic wellness for an individual.

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In-house Diagnostic Lab

Wellbeeing centre boasts of having an in-house diagnostic lab that is equipped with modern automated equipment to diagnose a disease and enhance the efficacy of treatment. The diagnostic lab maintains strict quality protocols, ensures timely and accurate results and also has a facility of collecting a sample from home.

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Complete Health Store

Wellbeeing believes in offering complete care and aims to touch all the aspects of modern lifestyle. The brand offers a wide range of organic and health products through its health store. The health store was started by the brand to promote organic living and shelves organic products that are sourced from local farmers and SMEs. The store also has a pharmacy where one can get hold of participation medicines and other OTC drugs.

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Aiming for Expansion

Wellbeeing looks forward to expanding its operations on a PAN-India scale with the help of franchising , based on the following franchise facts:-

ModelArea RequiredTotal InvestmentFranchise FeePayback PeriodAverage ROIAgreement Term
FOCO*6300 sq.ftINR 2.2-2.3 CroreNA4 Years 3 Months25%5 Years
FOFO6300 sq.ftINR 1.66-1.67 CroreINR 10 Lakh2 Years 11 Months48%5 Years

* outright stock investment in Foco Model INR 3 lakh| ^ Total investment is inclusive of the franchise fee.

Great Reasons to Partner with Wellbeeing

  • Unique integrated clinic and health centre concept.
  • Curative, preventive and diagnostic healthcare services under single roof
  • Treatments based on modern and ancient system of medicine
  • Experienced team of directors
  • Highly qualified team of doctors and healthcare experts
  • In-house food and health store shelving organic products
  • Pharmacy for pharmaceutical products
  • Multiple revenue sources
  • Comprehensive franchisor support

Ideal Franchise Profile

Wellbeeing looks forward to partnering with passionate individuals/ entrepreneurs, who stand high on the following parameters:-

  • Location: Adequate space at a prominent location for centre operations.
  • Experience: Experience of working in health and wellness sector
  • Capital: Strong financial backup with an ability to investment
  • Ability: Ability to look after the day to day operations of the centre.

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