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Dr.Suresh Kumar

M.Ac, MD (Acu)

Education: Diploma in Acupressure, a Diploma in Acupuncture as well as a BSC in Naturopathy & Yoga. He is currently pursing his Masters in Acupuncture.

Experience: Dr Suresh Kumar has been practicing Acupressure & Yoga from 2002 and since 2009 has also being practicing in Acupuncture.

Achievements/Activities:His achievements include successfully treating Urinary Incontinence, lack of sensation, & wobbling of hip with in 2 months duration for a 24 year old female. The condition had occurred due to an operation carried out for removal of tumor on T4 vertebra and no further treatment was offered. For another patient lack of sensation, insomnia, failure of eye ball to move beyond the center of the eye, severe headache etc. occurring due to accident was fully cured within 20 sittings.

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