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HRM.MS in Counseling & Psychotherapy

Education:Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administra-tion, specializing in HRM.MS in Counseling & Psychotherapy, Kuvempu University with Manasa Education Foundation for Mental Health (2012-2014).

Qualification: She has a Basic Skills in Counseling and Advanced courses – Child & Adolescent Counseling, Family & Couple Counseling from Parivarthan. Ms. Veena is a Certified Life Skills Educator for Adolescents from NIMHANS and has completed NLP Basic, Hypnotherapy L1 and TA 101.

Experience: Her vast experience includes Individual and Group Counseling for those on rehabilitation for Spinal Cord Injury at APD.Conducting Life Skills Workshop for Adolescents at MN Technical Institute. Individual and Group Counseling for students at APD, women of Jeevodaya Ashram, children, adolescents, IT Professionals, housewives & others. Ms. Veena has worked with people with stress due to life cycle changes, depression, anxiety, panic, low self-esteem, conflicts at work and relationships, aggressiveness, anger issues, grief etc.

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  • speciality:    Counselling

  • Education:    HRM.MS in Counseling & Psychotherapy

  • Categories:     Psychotherapy &Counselling