If you answer ‘YES’ to any of the below questions, then it’s time to meet our DIETICIAN NOW!!!

  • Have you been regular in your exercise, yet have not lost any inches?
  • Have all your weight loss efforts gone in vain?
  • Have you tried several weight loss pills and found no results?
  • Is your weight bothering you along with a family history of Diabetes/Hypertension/Thyroid disorders?
  • Is being fat affecting your self-esteem?
  • Is being overweight in the wrong places making it hard to fit into nice clothes

Weight Loss Management & personal fitness Center North Bangalore

Wellbeeing Weight loss management & personal fitness Center North Bangalore is a combination of a balanced diet and regular exercise. Clearly, there’s no shortcut to healthy weight loss, and rapid weight loss pills/programs may have unnecessary side effects. Correct weight loss is an accurate combination of right diet management and exercise based on your body type.

‘NATURAL IS IN” is the key word on the road to slimming, and WELLBEEING’s weight loss program is the ideal choice to weight loss naturally. At Wellbeeing, we believe in the scientific way of losing weight. The weight loss program is tailor made to suit an individual needs. Designed on addressing the cause and not just the problem it aims at a systematic approach not just a quick fix. To achieve weight loss a team of professionals which include a General Physician, Naturopath & Ayurvedic specialist will work with you. Diet and endurance is given prime importance.

To begin with a complete screening is done to evaluate and address the underlying cause of obesity alongside a customized program which is designed in accordance with Basic Metabolic Index (BMI) which is the criteria on which you will be diagnosed as Overweight, Grade 1 or Grade 2 obesity. After basic screening and stabilizing your body, Power Yoga that is stimulating and energizing asanas, follows your countdown to weight loss and is complemented with relaxing and fat mobilizing interventions on weekends. A fortnightly diet review and anthropometry is undertaken for monitoring and evaluation which is evidence enough to see how wholesome your weight loss can be.

Based on a person’s body type, with the cause being determined by the doctor and nutritionist, this integrated & holistic approach is addressed to alleviate the entire issue of obesity or weight loss involving mind & body…and this would surely keep you going fit for life and make it a habit.